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FPIK Wins the Competition of Pralin Chocolate Creation in Kartini’s Day

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Chocolate pralin from FPIK UB
Chocolate pralin from FPIK UB
Faculty of Fishery and Marine Science, Brawijaya University (FPIK-UB) gets the highest score in the Competition of Pralin Chocolate Creation in order to celebrate Kartini’s Day. Chocolate in the golden box form, with many shapes like face and also words, has succeded to take the interest from the jury who is from Chocolata chocolate product.

Fatma, a jury from Chocolata said that the evaluation of jury could be different with the participant observation. Jury will evaluate not only the appearance but also the quality of the pralin.

“Chocolate that is not cooked yet is seen from its appearance which is not shining or the texture,” she said on Thursday (21/4/15) in the hall of UB’s Faculty of Engineering.

The second winner is Faculty of Animal Husbandry and the third one is Faculty of Medical.

Besides to hold pralin competition, Dharma Wanita of Central Office also holds the selection of the participants as the most harmonious fashion. At the end of the show, Sri Murthini, as the jury, announced that Enny Yogi Sugito was the winner.

“Mrs. Yogi becomes the winner not because she is the former of Mrs. Rector, she wins because her fashion is very harmonious," she said. [ai/Humas UB/translated by uswatun-agung]

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