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FP UB's Lecturer Giving Oration in Yamaguchi and Osaka

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Anton Muhibuddin and Japanese researchers
Anton Muhibuddin and Japanese researchers

Biodiversity potential in Indonesia which is very good attracts other countries to engage Indonesia in the development of science and technology (IPTEK). Similarly, Yamaguchi University (Yamaguchi) and Osaka Prefecture University (Osaka) for three days (5-17/11) invited a lecturer from Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Brawijaya (FP UB), Anton Muhibuddin to give an oration entitled "Soil Drive Nutrients Creation through Alternate Host System Propagation of VAM to Support Selective Exploration of Microbial Fermentation". In addition to giving a speech, Anton as the coordinator president of the Core to Core Program (CCP) for Indonesia-Malaysia-Australia also has a mission to design a road map for research which will be done by researchers in the CCP.

Based on the ecological excellence of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Australia, the focus of the research which is a researchers' priority of those three countries is about the exploration of endogenous microbial diversity and optimization of their potential role in biotechnology. In that CCP program, the funding for research will be carried out by Japanese government through Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), the Thai government through the National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT), Research and Technology-Directorate General of Higher Education-UB, and the government of each country. Currently, the CCP coordinator for Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia is UB (UB).

In his presentation, Anton described about land biostructure building which is initiated by the symbiosis between Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizae fungi with its specific host plants in the form of three different root system layers as a model for microbes biotrapping as well as soil drive nutritional banks. The model which is called soil drive nutrient system (SDN) which was found by Anton and his team in 2013 and further developed along with researchers from Beuth University-Berlin has excellence as a key for the soil ecosystem improvement.

Aside from becoming very effective for microbial biotrapping, SDN system and its implementation is also used to biophytoremediation in former mining land. In Indonesia, this model is used to solve the problem of the former tin mining land in Bangka, the former manganese (Mn) mining land in Kupang and at other locations. By the application of SDN systems, land remediation will take three times faster when it is compared with the application of the previous method. Economically, the application of SDN system is more beneficial for society because they have been able to get benefits from the cultivated plants since the beginning of its implementation.

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