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FLOICE FTP Champions the International Choir Competition

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FLOICE champions international choir competition
FLOICE champions international choir competition
"Floice" team of Faculty of Agricultural Technology of University of Brawijaya was successfully to champion a choir competition titled "The 1st Lanna Choir Competition" which held in Chiang May, Thailand (19-23/Oct/2016).

Previously, Floice that commanded by Agustinus Wahyu Permadi as conductor was succeeded to be the only one Indonesian delegate that enter into grand prix stage along with Philippines, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

In grand prix stage, Floice was succeeded to amaze jury and all invitations that come with Indonesian folk songs.

Initiated with Bali folklore titled "Janger" which was re-arranged by Agustinus Bambang Jusana and Avip Priatna and closed with "Yamko Rambe Yamko", a Papua folklore arranged by Agustinus Bambang Jusana, Floice's performance was successfully to hypnotize Chiang May stage due to its smart and dynamic choreography.

"This achievement is very proud and joyful for all of us as well. This is for the first time Floice joins in an international competition and grabs the grand champion directly. Alhamdulillah our struggle during the time is not in vain. Because although achieved contribution from campus but we have to find additional funding independently by selling cakes and had a concert for fund raising. In addition, we also have to practice on the sidelines during a very dense college assignment and practicum. Alhamdulillah all of it paid off," said Head of LKM Seni FTP Khoirul Umam. In the competition, Floice brought nine songs, including Bungong Jeumpa, Kalejs Kala Debesis, Hodie Natus Est, Cantate Domino, Tardingdangdo, Marencong Rencong, Luk Luk Lumbu, Janger and Yamko Rambe Yamko," he said.

The 1st Lanna Choir Competition is an international level choir competition followed by Croatia, Philippines, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. There are several categories to be competed including A category with level difficulties I, B category with level difficulties II, G category for kids and youth choir, F category for folklore and GS category for Church choir.

As the grand champion, Floice was entitled to bring home fresh money as many as 1,500 euro. [dse/Humas UB/trans. Denok]


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