FCS UB Participated in Capacity Building Program by Japan Foundation 2019

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Pratama Hanan Alfarisi in Capacity Building Program, Kansai-Osaka, Jepang
Pratama Hanan Alfarisi in Capacity Building Program, Kansai-Osaka, Jepang

Capacity Building Program presented by The Japan Foundation Kansai-Osaka Japan has been held since 2014. In 2019, The Japan Foundation held a program called "Japanese Language Education Capacity Building South Asia Japanese Teacher Training College in Osaka Japan". This program was held in Kansai University, Osaka, Japan.

This year, Japanese Language Education Study Program, Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) sent one lecturer, Rike Febriyanti, M.A. and one student, Pratama Hanan Alfarisi. This program lasts for 40 days. Here, the student learns Japanese by using JF Standard, meanwhile the lecturer learns how to evaluate by using JF standard.

JF Standard is a standard made based on CEFRS or is also called as the Japanese language proficiency standard made by The Japan Foundation JF Standard is used as a tool to help thinking about teaching, learning and assessment in Japanese.

The aim of this program is to improve Japanese language skills so as to build self-confidence when one day they face with the situation of using Japanese in interacting socially with the real Japanese community

There were several sessions in this activity, including classes on social cultural understanding, discussions on the development of Japanese culture and society, speech classes, cultural classes introducing Japanese culture and Indonesian culture to Japanese students, and variation classes that discussed e-learning in Japanese language teaching.

Moreover, through this program, the students and lecturers could make interaction with other people to make discussion, started from Elementary School, Junior High School, and college students, and          local citizen as well. Hopefully, this program will continue and more students can get the opportunity to join the program. (PS.PBJep/YI/DT/AG/PSIK FIB)



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