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Educational Visit as the Implementation of Collaboration between FCS UB and KLM IIUM

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Prof. Dr. Agus Suman, SE., DEA. (the Dean of FCS UB)  and Dr. Mohamad Zuber bin Ismail (KLM IIUM)
Prof. Dr. Agus Suman, SE., DEA. (the Dean of FCS UB) and Dr. Mohamad Zuber bin Ismail (KLM IIUM)

Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) University Brawijaya (UB) presented their existence in International level. FCS UB has some guests from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) on Friday (3/22/2019). This visitation was in the framework of Visit of Kulliyyah of Languages and Management (KLM) IIUM in FCS UB.

There were 31 guests who attended in this event consist of 26 students and five lecturers from KLM IIUM. This educational visit aimed to exchange academic information as well as language and culture knowledge for students and staff members of both universities.

The event was opened by Dr. Widya Caterine Perdhani, M.Pd. as the chairman of this event. Then, it was continued by the speech of the Dean of FCS UB, Prof. Dr. Agus Suman, SE., DEA. He stated, "We are close relatives. Indonesia and Malaysia have a very long history. In the past, many experts from Malaysia, such as PETRONAS, were studying in Pertamina, whereas many Indonesian students also studied at Malaysian universities to study. We are mutually together and united to develop the country".

The Dean of FCS UB also said about the program owned by UB in the form of a 3 in 1 program where one course was taught by three lecturers. Those three lecturers consisted of one internal lecturer from UB, one foreign lecturer and one practitioner. He looked forward for a good relationship between UB and IIUM, especially FCS UB and KLM IIUM. At the end of the speech, the Dean of FCS UB also gave a poem which was usually delivered by Malay people.

Then Dr. Mohamad Zuber bin Ismail as a representative of IIUM, delivered his speech. He stated," Thank you accepting us at FCS UB, in this beautiful moment we look forward for a good relationship with FCS UB particularly in education field". The event continued with the signing of the implementation of collaboration letter, along with the handover of souvenirs between Prof. Dr. Agus Suman, SE., DEA, the Dean FCS UB and Dr. Mohamad Zuber bin Ismail as the lecturer representative from IIUM.

The event was continued with presentation from the Japanese Language Education Study Program, Indonesian Language and Literature Education Study Program, and English Language Education Study Program regarding the work program implemented. It was represented by each Chairman of the Study Program Association.

In this session, the enthusiasm of visiting guests was very influential to liven up the atmosphere as seen from the many questions raised by the guests of the visit both from students and lecturers from KLM IIUM. Dr. Mohammad Zuber bin Ismail for example, he asked about whether there was an assessment based on examinations specifically conducted for English studies in each subject. The question was answered by the chairman of the English Language Education Study Program, that there was a Mid-Semester Examination (UTS) and Final Semester Examination (UAS) for students as a barometer for consideration of whether the student could pass or not in certain subjects.

Other student from KLM IIUM also asked about the procedures if any student wants to enroll in the English Language Education Study Program and English Literature Study Program of FCS UB. The Chairman of English Language Education Student Association answered, "Participants must pass the national high school examination to be able to carry out national selection to enroll state universities. In addition, the results of the participant's score must be able to surpass the specified passing grade in each study program from the intended University." This was immediately responded by one of the lecturers from IIUM regarding the national selection in question. Then explained in more detail that this selection test was attended by all participants from all over Indonesia ranging from Sumatra to Papua.

The event was continued with touring or going around at FCS UB. This aimed to introduce more about the supporting facilities available at FCS UB. They had the opportunity to visit Movie Room located on the 7th Floor of Building A FCS UB. After that they were guided to visit UB's library and PSLD. Then they returned to the Auditorium of Building A FCS UB to listen to the seminar before the event ended. Hopefully this event can establish a good relationship for both universities in the future, especially in the field of education. (YI/DT/MSH/PSIK FIB)



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