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ESDM Ministry Roadshow: 300 UB Students Commitment to Save Electricity

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Starting the Guest Lecture, 300 students cross-Department of Faculty of Engineering (FT) followed the video from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM), Friday on November 24 2017 in Auditorium Prof.Ir Suryono . This video invites students to actively promote the program of Energy Conservation launched by the government. The viewing of this video became the red thread of a lecture delivered by 5 main speakers; Prof. Ir. ING Wardana, M.Eng, Ph.D., Aris Ika Nugrahanto MBA, Gita Lestari ST, MBA, Dr. Ery Djunaedy B.Eng M.Sc, and Warih Prabowo.

The five speakers were invited directly by the ESDM Ministry to follow the Roadshow with the theme of "Energy Conservation Goes to Campus" 2017. They are experts in the field of energy conservation which represents the academic and policymakers. All the presenters were greeted directly by Dr. Ir. Pitojo Tri Juwono, MT as the Dean of FT and all Head of Department in FT UB.

The event started with Gita Lestari speech as the Head of Sub Directorate of Technical Guidance and Energy Conservation Cooperation of Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. In her speech, Gita said that the availability of energy becomes the main aspect of the social life. Energy requirements continue to increase, while the current reserves are still dependent on non-renewable energy resources, that is fossil fuels. On the other hand, the use of energy is calculated already in its extravagant state.

For that the government launched several programs, among others; implementation of energy management, ISO 5001, energy auditors "Save the Energy, Save 10%" campaign. With these programs we feel it is important to introduce energy conservation ideas to students. The goal is for students to start implementing energy conservation in their daily life and work world.

"Students become candidates for partners of energy managers in the future, start with changes in your energy-saving behavior," he said.

Greeting Positively, the dean expressed his gratitude to the Directorate of Energy Conservation because he chose FT as part of ESDM roadshow.

"The more the ministries are going to campus the better. Students have the opportunity to explore how to learn from the government and industry. This point of view provides new inputs to knowledge the students get in the class so they can prepare themselves to face the future," he said.

According to this lecturer of the Department of Water Engineering, FT is also an educational institution that received the Award from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources because it is strongly committed to energy conservation efforts. Starting from the research roadmap, laboratory, to its community service. The dean then officially opened the guest lecture this time.

Presentation Sessions

At the First Presentation session, Prof. Wardana and Dr. Ery Djunaedy take over. Both discussed in detail the technical aspects of the Energy Conservation program. Prof. Wardana who is Professor of Energy Conservation opened the session by explaining the potential of materials around us that can be optimized with advanced technology for energy conservation. One of the presentations is the potential use of advanced graphic materials to produce energy from vegetable oils. This research is a study that him to receive Scientist award from International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM) in Stockholm last August.

On the other hand, Dr. Ery sharply explores the role of engineering education in building energy conservation paradigm in Infrastructure Development in Indonesia. According to him, engineers often do not include Energy Conservation aspect in Infrastructure development design which impacts on energy waste. Dr. Ery is Chief Scientist / General Manager at Airkon Pratama Adjunct Faculty at Telkom University.

In the second session, Aris Ika Nugrahanto MBA and Warih Prabowo delivered the material. Both discuss the aspects of Energy Conservation from the Industry side. Aris Ika fully explains the potential positions for engineering graduates to become Energy Conservation Auditors. While Warih Prabowo as Energy Manager of PT. Cheil Jedang explores the technical nature of energy conservation applied in his factories. Both of them motivate students to go directly to the industry with a new paradigm.

With this fascinating material, the students immediately showered the speakers with various questions in the Q & A sessions. The event was then closed with a souvenir exchange session from both institutions. (emis/mic/Humas UB)



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