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Dr. Ir. Damanhuri, Dean of Faculty of Agriculture Periods of 2019-2023

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Dr. Ir. Damanhuri, MS
Dr. Ir. Damanhuri, MS
Dr. Ir. Damanhuri, M.S was elected as Dean of Faculty of Agriculture periods of 2019-2023 with 31 votes, defeated Ir. Didik Suprayogo, M.Sc., Ph.D (12 votes) and Dr. Asihing Kustanti, M.Si (1 vote). Voting process in a plenary meeting of faculty's senate member was carried out in 6th floor of Senate hall, the faculty's central building, on Tuesday (8/Jan/2019).

The Senate's plenary meeting was the last series in the Dean selection stage which was initiated since October 2018. The event was initiated with candidate's registration process, until it was selected three candidates for election process in the senate meeting.

Before the election was carried out, the candidates chanced to present their vision and mission as well as their working program in front of faculty Senate members. The meeting was led by Chairman of Faculty of Agriculture Senate Prof. Dr. Ir. Abdul Latief Abadi, M.S accompanied by the secretary Dr. Ir. Rini Dwi Astuti, M.S and attended by 44 faculty's senate members. [zma/Humas UB/trans. Denok]




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