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Dr. Deborah Wise Jane: Positioning is the Key Concept of Qualitative Research on Public Relations

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A lecturer from University of Newcastle Dr. Deborah Wise Jane
A lecturer from University of Newcastle Dr. Deborah Wise Jane
Communication Science Department organized a workshop on qualitative methods on public relations research regards to Discourse Analysis invited e lecturer from University of Newcastle Australia Dr. Deborah Wise Jane as the speaker. Took place at room 5.2 Building A Faculty of Social and Political Science Brawijaya University, the workshop was organized on Tuesday (02/Oct/2018).

Public Relations is one area of specialization in Communication Science Department at the faculty.

A research on public relations is highly done both by communication science students and lecturers. When conducting a research on public relations using qualitative methods, then there is a key concept that should be exist in the study, namely the researcher's positioning.

"Discursive positioning is a key concept of public relations. Positioning itself is understood as an contestation arena of which meanings are constructed, contested and reconstructed," said Dr. Deborah Wise Jane.

In the workshop, Deborah also explained that there are several approaches which can be used in qualitative research with public relations as the theme. Such as interpretative approach which emphasizes in stakeholders perspective, as well as critical approach which emphasizes in social changes, especially for them who are marginalized.

Deborah also mentioned that public relations research is very appropriate to use qualitative methods.

"Qualitative methods emphasize in complexities and avoiding over-simplification, and also offering further understanding on social phenomena," said Deborah in the workshop. [02/Fariza/Humas FISIP/Humas UB/trans. Denok]





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