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Dr. Anthony Chalkley: Video Games Improve Children's Motor Development

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Submit by prasetyafisip on October 05, 2018 | Comment(s) : 0 | View : 448

Dr. Anthony Chalkley
Dr. Anthony Chalkley
Technological development turns out to have impact in communication research development, such as research in video games.

"To have communication research in video games, we can use positivistic. We can collaborate as well with division of health, engineering, and also government to see positive impact of the games," said Dr. Anthony Chalkley as the speaker.

Dr. Anthony Chalkley was invited as the speaker in a discussion with Communication Science Department Faculty of Social and Political Science Brawijaya University raised a theme "Methods for New Media Research" in the department's meeting room 3rd floor of Faculty of Social and Political Science on Monday (1/Oct/2018). The event was a series of 3 in 1 program there.

In the occasion, Thony, his familiar greeting, provided examples of video games research carried out in Deakin University, Australia. Such as Video Games are useful for the teacher to attract students who are passive, via video games, students can be taught on digital security, and also can improve the children motoric development.

Thony also mentioned there are many positive impacts of the video games. "Games are very good to make people interested, developing to solve problems, developing imagination, and collaboration," said Thony. [02/Fariza/Humas FISIP/Humas UB/trans. Denok]




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