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Diligent Reading Is the Key to Successful Public speaking

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Direktur Ngalup Co Working Space Andina Paramitha
Direktur Ngalup Co Working Space Andina Paramitha

"People can attract the attention of others with extensive knowledge. One way of having a broad knowledge is reading diligently ", said director Ngalup Co Working Space Andina Paramitha in student capacity development Workshop with the theme "Development of public speaking ability for students" organized by the Sociology Student Association (SSA) of UB (25/2/2019), on the floor 5.1 building A FISIP UB.

In the workshop, Andina highlighted that many of millenial generations were unfond of reading. Unfortunately, especially he thinks that the key to being a reliable public speaker is to read.  "The breadth and depth of knowledge and insight will affect someone in conveying something in public," Andina adds.

Of course reading the meaning does not mean reading textbook, because today information or knowledge can be spread and can be learned from various sources, one of them is through mobile phones.

In addition to providing techniques and tips in public speaking, Andina also convey some things to be considered in public speaking, one of which is the appearance, or that he called the standard grooming public speaker.

According to him, appearances can build one's beliefs or self-confidence. When a public speaker with neat hair and wear formal clothes, and clean, it will look more professional and reliable so that the potential opinion or the number will be more heard than a public speaker with Messy hair, informal clothing and untidy.

Besides the use of clothing adapted to the atmosphere of the activity is also less important. If a public speaker is "Miscostume" in the event he or she attends, it is likely that the speaker's credibility will be affcted sufficiently. (06/Fariza/Publicis FISIP/PR UB/Translated by Nida]



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