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Dharma Wanita Persatuan Universitas Brawijaya Commemorate Kartini Day

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Kartini day commemoration by Dharma Wanita Persatuan UB
Kartini day commemoration by Dharma Wanita Persatuan UB
Commemorated Kartini Day, Dharma Wanita Persatuan Universitas Brawijaya (DWP-UB) on Tuesday (21/Apr/2015) gathered in Prof. Ir. Suryono building in Deanery building Faculty of Engineering UB (FT-UB). In the commemoration, the committee lifted a theme of "With the Spirit of Kartini, We Achieve Family Endurance in Information Technology Era".

In her report, the Head of Committee Ika Chandra delivered that the series of Kartini Day commemoration including three events. The first was Praline Chocolate competition in auditorium lobby. The competition judge was Colata, one of chocolate producer in Indonesia. Next events were bazaar convened at outer lobby of first floor Deanery building FT-UB and also talk show as the core event.

Also attended in the occasion, former Dharma Wanita Principle, Mrs. Bambang Guritno and Mrs. Enny Yogi Sugito. Recent Principle of DWP-UB Titik Mrs. Titik Bisri, in her speech delivered her thanksgiving into the entirely guests that attended and also Faculty of Engineering who has provided facilities for the event's coziness.

The core event, talk show, presented by dr. Hj. Wisnu Wahyuni Singgih, SpKJ. Wisnu Wahyuni lifted theme of "Dharma Wanita Roles in Higher Education Environment in the Era of Asian Economic Society". According to her, women have three main roles namely as individual one, spouse and mother. The most principle role, she said is becoming mother to build the next prospective generation, which are recent children.

After talk show, announced praline chocolate competition winner and the best outfit. Respectively are Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences and Mrs. Enny Yogi Sugito.

One of the speaker, Ir. Hj. Wiwik Subur, MS in her presentation about "Kartini's Footprint, she delivered that women should be in good manner, good attitude, polite speaking and also smart to overcoming the matters. Glorious of Indonesia women! [mic/Humas UB/translated by denok]


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