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Dharma Wanita FTP Goes Down to Street Holds Social Service Welcomes Ramadhan 1440 H

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Ketua DWP FTP Dwi Juli Rohmawati Bersama Pengurus DWP Bagikan Paket Sembako di Jalanan Kota Malang
Ketua DWP FTP Dwi Juli Rohmawati Bersama Pengurus DWP Bagikan Paket Sembako di Jalanan Kota Malang

Chairperson of DWP FTP Dwi Juli Rohmawati and DWP Management Distribute Basic Food Packages in Malang City Street Women Association of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology Universitas Brawijaya (DWP FTP UB) together with a large family of FTP held a social service on Friday (05/24/2019). The activity carried out to welcome Ramadhan 1440 H led by the chairman of the DWP FTP UB, Ms. Dwi Juli Rohmawati Imam Santoso along with the ranks of the board of DPW and representatives of the FTP family.

In this social service activity, 58 basic food packages were distributed for those in need around Malang City. Each package of basic food distributed consists of rice, granulated sugar, cooking oil, instant noodles, tea, coffee, soy sauce to cash.

Chairman of the DPW FTP, Ms. Dwi Juli Rohmawati said this activity is a routine annual program of DPW which every year experiences variations in the number and types.

"It is an FTP Dharma Wanita tradition in the holy month to share with others. It's been the seventh time since the previous year we took to the streets like this. Hopefully, this activity can be our tradition to share happiness with others. In contrast to the previous year which was more for pedicab drivers, this year we also shared with parking attendants, newsmen, scavengers, banana sellers until the police were fast. Alhamdulillah, the contents of this year's package variants are even more complete so we hope that we can bring more happiness, "he said.

Dwi Juli Rohmawati added that social assistance was deliberately carried out by taking to the streets so that the assistance was on target. Direct interaction also aims to bring FTP and DPW FTP closer to the community, especially the poor. If in the previous year the social service only targeted in areas around UB, this time the team expanded its coverage to the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčIjen Boulevard, Jalan Kawi, Jalan Tangkuban Perahu, Jalan Bromo to Jalan Semeru Malang. [dse /Translated by Chika/Humas UB]

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