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Dean's Work Socialization and Workshop on Research Initiation for Lecturers at Faculty of Agriculture

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Socialization on Dean's working program
Socialization on Dean's working program
BPPK (Badan Pengembangan Penelitian dan Kerjasama/Research and Cooperation Development Agency) at Faculty of Agriculture of Brawijaya University on Tuesday (08/Aug/2017) held a "Socialization on 2018 Dean's Working Program and a Workshop on Initiation of Preparation on Research Umbrella, Study Centre and Research Road Map for Lecturers at Faculty of Agriculture of Brawijaya University". The event that organized at fifth floor of the new building, was attended by all lecturers at Faculty of Agriculture, The Dean Prof. Dr. Ir. Nuhfil Hanani AR., MS and was accompanied by Vice Dean I on Academic Affairs and Vice Dean II on Administration and Finance Affairs.

Socialization of 2018 Dean's Working Program which was delivered by Vice Dean I Prof. Dr. Ir. Kuswanto, MS was mentioned that generally development of lecturers' research road map and development of research umbrella has been a part of 2018 Dean's working programs. In addition, Faculty of Agriculture also has initiated an international study centre and six national level study centres.

Initiation on preparing research umbrella, study centre and research roadmap
Initiation on preparing research umbrella, study centre and research roadmap
In detail, the exposure of Dean's working program were: In academic areas, the working programs were directed into strengthening of international recognition and so strengthening either on curriculum, accreditation and certification became the principal attention. In addition, development of internatonal class are continuously to increase in order to improve academic capacity of Faculty of Agriculture with AUN QA certification targets next year.

For research and community services area, strengthening of research is prioritized on strengthening of publication and journals as well as development of study centres. In addition, also conducted developments on roles of Faculty of Agriculture in community services through utilization of research result and international research collaboration. Institutional aspects are directed at students' business development and budget independency.

The last aspect is studentship which is directed into improvement of students' achievements, international activities, identity, creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, alumni and improvement on students participation in international profession association.

Furthermore, in the workshop moderated by Head of BPPK FP Ir. Didik Suprayogo, M.Sc., PhD, Widodo., S.Si., M.Si., PhD from Study Centre and KJF (Kelompok Jabatan Fungsional/Functional group) at LPPM UB was the first speaker. He explained about "Socialization and How to use as well as Benefits of SIPP (Sistem Penelitian dan Pengabdian/System of Research and Community Services) of LPPM Brawijaya University". In addition, the biology lecturer at Faculty of Sciecnes also explained several DIKTI's policies on research. As the second speaker, Dr.Ing. Setyawan P.Sakti, M exposed on the process of roadmap construction based on RIP (Rencana Induk Penelitian/Masterplan of Research). The last speaker was Prof. Dr. Ir. Chandrawati Cahyani, MS who explained "Preparation of research umbrella Research Group towards level of technological readiness". The Chemistry lecturer at Faculty of Sciences shared her experience in PUREAA (Pusat Riset dan Entrepreneurial Agroindustri Atsiri/Research Centre and Entrepreneurial Agroindustry on Atsiri in order to reach DIKTI's PUI (Pusat Unggulan Iptek/Centre of Excellence for Science and Technology). [zma/Humas UB/trans. Denok]






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