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Data Integration Workshop for Reading Room Officers

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Submit by ihwan.hariyanto on April 02, 2019 | Comment(s) : 0 | View : 718

Data Integration Workshop
Data Integration Workshop
UB's Library holds Data Integration Workshop for Reading Room Officers on (27/3/2019). This workshop was attended by UB Library Librarians and Reading Room Officers from all faculties in Universitas Brawijaya.

Data Integration is the process of combining or uniting two or more data from various different database sources into storage such as a data warehouse. Its aims to simplify the process of analyze for decision making, sharing of data between work environments, and avoiding duplicate data.

In this workshop, UB Library provides training for Reading Room staff to carry out data collection integration held in each faculty. The purpose of this data integration is that all collections in each faculty can be displayed in the UB Library OPAC. So the visitors of UB Library can access collections from the Reading Room somewhere.

Actually, the collections in the Reading Room had been integrated when UB Library still used the In Touch program. At this moment the UB Library has changed with the Inlislite V3 program, data integration must be done again.

The hope is that the integration of data between the UB Library and Reading Room can further complement the literacy collection and provide maximum service for users.




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