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Darmasiswa Program Closing at Brawijaya University

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Darmasiswa closing at Faculty of Cultural Studies
Darmasiswa closing at Faculty of Cultural Studies
11 foreign students were graduated from the Republic of Indonesia (RI) Darmasiswa program 2017/2018. Their graduation is a part of the RI Darmasiswa Program Closing event which held in Faculty of Cultural Studies at Brawijaya University (9/Jul/2018). The program itself was held by the Ministry of Education and Culture (KEMDIKBUD). A year ago, the students came to Indonesia and joined the program to learn the Indonesian language and culture. They can be called as the first generation who graduated from the Darmasiswa at UB, because it is the first time for UB to implement the RI Darmasiswa program.

Attending the event were the new UB's Rector Prof. Dr. Ir. Nuhfil Hanani AR., MS., The Dean of the Faculty of Cultural Studies (FIB) Prof. Dr. Agus Suman, SE., DEA, the Chief Executive of the Darmasiswa Program Rizky Nufiarni, M.A , the representative of UB International Office, some of the Laboratory of Humanities staffs, the Darmasiswa students and also their foster parents from Poncokusumo village. In her speech, the person who in charge of this program, Rizky Nufiarni, M.A, stated that actually there are 14 students participated in this program. However because of some technical problems, only 11 students can participated in this program.

The Dean of Faculty of Cultural Studies, Prof. Dr. Agus Suman, SE., DEA. gave a speech about the Darmasiswa program. It is a joint program between Faculty of Cultural Studies and Ministry of Education and Culture meant for foreign students who want to learn Indonesian culture and language. "Not just learning the language, these students also taught about Indonesian culture," he said. Prof Agus is also proud of the program's accoplishment and hopes to continue and improve the Darmasiswa program in the future.

In addition, the UB Rector, Prof. Dr. Ir. Nuhfil Hanani AR., MS in his speech hoped that the Darmasiswa students not only could promote the Indonesian culture but also could promote Brawijaya University once they graduated from the program. He also expected the Darmasiswa program could be better in the future. In line with the rector's hope, the Dean of FIB also hoped that in the future, the Darmasiswa program will be better and UB will be more prepared in running the program.

Gamelan played by Darmasiswa students
Gamelan played by Darmasiswa students
The event was filled with the series of Indonesian art and culture performance by the Darmasiswa students such as Reog, Maumere traditional dance and gamelan performance. There was also an appreciation for the students' achievement and ended with a banquet and photo session, 

Here is the list of the Darmasiswa RI Students 2017/2018. Roman Pavliuk from Ukraina, Kyungin Kim from Korea Selatan, Randrianarimalala Haingo Julianah from Madagascar, Izatullo Kurbonov from Tajikistan, Gidiao Silva from East Timor, Afsana Ali and Tanya Patel from India, Mohammeda-Hadi Ibrahim Bosha Ahmed from Sudan, Nurma Tayoh, Husnee A-Buwahdan Habibuddeen Luebaeteh from Thailand.

Out of the 11, there were some students who won competitions organized for foreign students, they are; Habibuddeen Luebaeteh (Thailand) won the 1st place of Indonesian Speech Contest for foreign student presented a speech entitled "I Love Indonesia", Roman Pavliuk (Ukraine) was the champion of SLICE (Semarang LIA International Competition & Exhibition) competition presented his video featuring Tiga Warna (Three Colored) beach in Malang.

Achieved Darmasiswa participants
Achieved Darmasiswa participants
From our interview, we talked about their insight and experience living in Indonesia for one year. Some of these dedicated students are Roman Pavliuk, from Ukraine. His motivation for learning abroad in Indonesia, away from his family, is to get new experience, living by himself and meet new people along the way. He also loves to learn new languages, now he understands English and Indonesian. He feels that his experience in Indonesia is so meaningful. Learning new things, researching new cultures, experiencing new lifestyle and meeting new people. He enjoys what he learnt in Indonesia, he and his Darmasiswa friends have played Karawitan, painting batik, performing Reog Ponorogo as well as assimilating and communicating with the local people at the villages. He is happy that he can know new culture, tradition and style of thinking, new values, new perspective and is able to communicate with diverse people from countries across the world in his class of Darmasiswa program.

Other participants who was interviewed is Julianah (Madagascar). She said that she followed this program in purpose to have new experiences and learning about Indonesia, especially in its culture and languanges so she can tell about Indonesia in her country. According to her, the languange and culture in Indonesia is not really different from Madagascar. She said that when she stays in Indonesia, she experienced lots of things. In the early she feels unconfortable because there are lots of things that not same in her country, but she now is used to it after she lives here for one year. She used to eat Indonesian food and she loves that. She can understand and able to speak Indonesian languange, have many friends in Indonesia, and many things. For her, the benefit to follow this program is she can learn about the social value of Indonesia, she learnt that Indonesian people are kind even to foreign people and it is different with others and she thinks that Indonesian people are socialable. She hopes that Indonesian people will still like this forever.

Nurma Tayoh, one of the participants from Thailand, said that she was very excited, because before this closing event started, all of the Darmasiswa students got some holiday and finally they can meet up in this event. She is interested on the tourism objects in Indonesia especially in Malang. She also said that the Indonesian food is also pretty good. "After this event, I will stay for a little longer in Indonesia. I will be back to Thailand on August", said Nurma. She wants to tell her story to her friends in Thailand about the tourism object in Indonesia. [Fadhilah, Galang, Vidi/Humas UB]


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