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Darmasiswa Particpant: I Highly Recommend UB as a Place to Learn Indonesian Language and Culture"

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Solohery Mampionona Aime Randrianantenaina from Madagascar
Solohery Mampionona Aime Randrianantenaina from Madagascar

During the closing ceremony of the Darmasiswa RI Program for academic year 2018/2019 at Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB), all foreign students gave testimonials, as well as messages and impressions during this 10-months program.

Solohery Mampionona Aime Randrianantenaina from Madagascar said that one of his dreams was to be able to study abroad, especially in Indonesia. Darmasiswa RI Program is one of the programs that paves the way for him to achieve his desires, because he plans to pursue his master's degree in Indonesia.

In this program, Aime chose Malang. One reason for choosing Malang is because of its cool, beautiful atmosphere, and the people who still hold tightly to the culture and ethical manners. In addition, Aime chose Malang because he had a special interest in East Javanese.

"By undergoing this program in Malang, I can improve my abilities in Javanese. So far, my association with Javanese has been going well, and what's interesting is that the more I get along with them, the more brothers I get," said Aime.

Of many universities in Malang, Aime did not hesitate to choose UB as his study destination. He said that UB is very prestigious and the quality of its education is in the top rank in Indonesia. So, he believes that UB is able to provide the knowledge he needs.

"In general, UB is fine. Supported by an exceptional campus atmosphere, this campus provides the best for its students. This can be seen in terms of the facilities provided, as well as academics. The lecturers that we get are also competent, so there are a lot of linguistic and cultural sciences that we get during this program," he said.

Students of Darmasiswa RI Program for academic year 2018/2019 in FCS UB
Students of Darmasiswa RI Program for academic year 2018/2019 in FCS UB

"Apart of that, we are also given buddies. They are Indonesian people (students of FCS UB) to help us in all the difficulties we faced, both in terms of lectures and in social matters," he continued.

"With the linguistic knowledge that I got from UB, I am sure I can complete my master's degree in Indonesia. Moreover, I highly recommend this campus for those who want to learn Indonesian language and culture," he concluded.

Emmanuel Michael Massay from Tanzania also shared a similar story. The reason he decided to join the program was because he wanted to learn about youth and culture. "I praise and hear that Indonesia is rich of culture. So, when I heard about Darmasiswa Program, I registered. I knew about Darmasiswa Program in Indonesia from my friends, and I chose UB," Emma said.

This Darmasiswa Program is a good opportunity for all people in the world to know more about Indonesian culture, lifestyle and society. This program helped him to understand Indonesia better, about its language, tradition, and trying various types of food he had never eaten before, such as rendang, meatballs, satay, soto ayam, and rujak.

"I realized that I chose UB Malang because the facilities are good and support students to learn well such as comfortable libraries and classes, good teachers, as well as health and safety facilities," said the young man who likes to eat soto ayam.

"Finally, I conclude that my experience in Malang is very good. I recommend my friends to study in UB, and this is a good decision for me to study here," he said.

Ho Anh Nguyet, a girl from Vietnam who is familiarly called Phira, also revealed several messages and impressions while joining Darmasiswa RI Program at FCS UB. "I thank you for helping me to learn Indonesian language and culture. Besides, I have become more understanding about life in Indonesia, both society, tradition, and Indonesian culture."

"When I go home, I can retell about Indonesia to my family and friends in my country," she concluded. (DT/MSH/PSIK FIB)



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