Creating Young Entrepreneurs Via Diginesia 2018 Seminar

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Ayu Zulia's presentation
Ayu Zulia's presentation
Vocational Program Brawijaya University in collaboration with Sindonews and SBM Pro organized Diginesia 2018 seminar raised a theme "SMEs Prospect and Challenges in Millenial Era" at Widyaloka building on Wednesday (10/Oct/2018).

The event is not only filled with diginesia seminar but also providing opportunities to all Brawijaya University students to get coaching and workshop as well as SMEs competition at national level.

Chairman of Brawijaya University Vocational Program, Dr. Ir. Darmawan Octo Sucipto, M.Si admitted he was very enthusiastic about this event as it is in line with UB's vision as World Class Entrepreneurial University (WCEU). He hopes more and more entrepreneurs from Brawijaya University students who are successful and giving contribution to the state.

Souvenir deliverance from SBM Pro Indonesia t Chairman of Vocational Program UB Dr. Darmawan Octo Sucipto
Souvenir deliverance from SBM Pro Indonesia t Chairman of Vocational Program UB Dr. Darmawan Octo Sucipto
"The seminar and training is a good investment for students as later will be seen participants who join in the workshop and coaching in how far their fighting resillience in entrepreneurship," said Dr. Darmawan.

Darmawan mentioned the 2C (Company and Customer) concept currently is no longer applicable as very prone to make business downs. He expected the participant seminar will implement the 4C model (Company, Competitor, Change and Customer) of which change or innovation is very determine whether the products we sell can change according to the market or we will sink by competitors.

While the Diginesia 2018 speaker Wusda Ribawa who also Director of SBM Pro Indonesia doesn't want the seminar participants are not only in the event. Wusda expected the participants remained to join in the workshop and coaching presented by SBM ProIndonesia which the downstream is to follow national SMEs competition.

In addition, Ayu Zulia as the speaker also gave entrepreneurial tips and tricks in this millennial era. Ayu who is also CEO and Founder of Whatsapp Café expected that later prospective young entrepreneurs are not easy to give up in stepping on the business. Since, as herself who already had ten times failures and finally can see opportunities and can be successful as current and having 15 Whatsapp Café outlets allover Indonesia. [Dimas/Humas UB/trans. Denok]





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