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Crab and Shrimp Shells Waste for Antibacterial Mobile Phone Casing and Keyboard Screen

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Submit by ireneparamita on June 13, 2017 | Comment(s) : 0 | View : 3339

The increasing numbers of electronic devices such as cellphone and notebook is in line with the increasing consumers demand on accessories to protect or merely or just beautify the device. However unwittingly, the device becomes a nest of bacteria, pathogenic microorganism that harmful for human health. Hand is a bacteria distributor medium from various objects.

Depart from it, four students of Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science of Brawijaya University succeeded to develop phone-case product and antibacterial keyboard scene named BICRASIA (Bio Crustacea Silicone Anti-Bacteria). They are Siti Amallah (2014), Khalid Amjad (2014), Wahyu Widia Ningrum (2015), and Romi Dwi Nanda (2014).

BICRASIA produced using waste of crab and shrimp shells as raw materials combined with corncob. The process of making this product is fairly-short as only takes 10 up to 15 minutes and drying takes one day.

BICRASIA: antibacterial mobile phone casing and keyboard screen
BICRASIA: antibacterial mobile phone casing and keyboard screen
"BICRASIA is a protective product which has many advantages including has antibacterial properties, materials to use made of natural ingredients and so it is safe and biodegradable, varied models and can be ordered directly or custom. The price offered also quite affordable, starts from 20 thousand rupiahs for keyboard screen and 20 thousand rupiahs up to 50 thousand rupiahs for mobile phone casing products," Khalid explained.

With the economical price, prospective customers can already order according to the desired model, colour and theme. "In addition, the product also contributed in helping to reduce pollution levels due to waste," Widya said.

Products marketing goals are students and employees either in Malang or outside the city. "By processing waste into goods with economical values is an initial opportunity in entrepreneurship which is advantageous for beginners who have limited capitals who only armed with creativity," Widya ended. [Irene/Humas UB/trans. Denok]



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