Communication Science Students Learn Public Speaking and Presentation

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Public speaking and presentation training for students
Public speaking and presentation training for students
Khoirunnisa (Ilmu Komunikasi 2015) dan Shaskia Maulidina (Ilmu Komunikasi 2014)
Khoirunnisa (Ilmu Komunikasi 2015) dan Shaskia Maulidina (Ilmu Komunikasi 2014)
Two students of Communication Science Faculty of Social and Political Science Brawijaya University namely Shaskia Maulidina (Communicatiomn Science 2014) and Khoirunnisa (Communication 2015) were invited as main speaker in training workshop "Public Speaking" and "Presentation" in theme of SASUKE (undergraduate ready to work), Friday (08/Dec/2017).

The Workshop was held by Student's Executive Body Faculty of Agriculture Brawijaya University as a preparation for its students in facing professional world.

 "Whoever does not prepare public speaking, then they prepare their failure," said Shaskia.

Shaskia or who used to be called as Sasa explained that public speaking is not a talent, but something that can be trained and sharpened by ourselves. More and more practice, the results are also getting better. According to her, the more often someone is practicing, the more he/she knows his/her shortcomings. Thus someone is more able to evaluate her/himself.

"Public speaking is an important soft skill, because as social creatures we need to interact. If as a student, then everyday will deal with tasks and presentation. For one who active in organization, will also ask for their public speaking capabilities at college," said former Seven7line-Radio's General Manager at Faculty of Social and Political Science.

A woman who was born in Malang mentioned that currently public speaking become the fear of many people.

"When someone does not have enough training preparation for public speaking, then usually that person will nervous while talking and the result is his/her performance is not maximal," she said.

While delivering the material, Sasa mentioned some capital and terms to be a good public speaker such as paying-attention on good body language and not too over. Talk precisely not immediately, appear prime and fun, keeping eye contact to everyone in attendance as well as maximum attention to the audience.

In her material, Khoirunnisa as the main speaker reviewed few things about presentation.

"Skill like presentation and public speaking is actually a basic skill which everyone must have. Such capability is nt always related to communication. All areas or majors can master such skills," she said.

Nisa confessed that to be a great person in presentation like Mario Teguh, is needed understandings on how the presentation material itself works.

"In doing presentation, the main one is understanding the audience, because audience determines credibility of the person who has presentation," she said.

According to her, there are two crucial things to remember during presentation. "In the opening, then it is time for one who has presentation to give first impression. At that time audience decided to continue or stop listening. While in closing, there is a closing moment to remember or even to be taken home by the audience," she said.

When asked, students who was awarded as achieved-student at Department of Communication Science admitted to often fill further material in making presentation material, news presenting, MC, at several faculties in Brawijaya University such as Faculty of Economics and Business, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Faculty of Medicine, and Faculty of Agriculture.

For Sasa and Nisa, as educational people, especially undergraduate, if you want to succeed further not only in academic capabilities but also soft skill is necessary to compete in professional world. [Anata/Humas FISIP/Humas UB/trans. Denok]







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