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CARE HIMATETA Expands Its Actions to Rembang

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Submit by prasetyaFTP on October 07, 2016 | Comment(s) : 0 | View : 1945

Implementation of 100 bio-pores by CARE HIMATETA at Rembang Steam Power Plant
Implementation of 100 bio-pores by CARE HIMATETA at Rembang Steam Power Plant
After previously had a partnership with PT. PJB UBJOM PLTU Pacitan to implement 100 bio-pores in 2015, now CARE expanded its actions for similar activities at PT. PJB UBJOM PLTU Rembang Central Java. Creative Action for Environment (CARE) is a team under Agriculture Engineering Student Association (HIMATETA) at Faculty of Agricultural Technology (FTP) of University of Brawijaya (UB) that engaged in the field of environment. The partnership on bio-pores implementation for a Green Power Plant effort between CARE and PT. PJB UBJOM PLTU Rembang that located in Trahan and Leran village, 22 km eastern Rembang City was conducted in order to fulfill PROPER mandatory regulation or environment requirements for a big industry by BAPPEDAL (Environmental Impact Control Agency) for environment conservation.

Implementation of bio-pores absorption holes was expected to assist soil fertility and improving groundwater reserves. Bio-pores are holes made on the earth surface as the entrance of rainwater. Based on research, bio-pores technology is proven able to reduce rainwater run-off significantly by absorbing higher rainwater volume into the ground. Later on, bio-pores absorption holes will be functioned as a depressant which able to accommodate the flow of surface water and afterwards being absorbed into the ground. Bio-pores holes absorption will be filled in with organic waste to entice microorganism in the ground. This microorganism movement in ground will create pores pathways to fasten water absorption by the soil and then stored in the groundwater basin.

The implementation of 100 bio-pores planted around the garden and east side landscape of Circulating Water Pump (CWP) at PT. PJB UBJOM PLTU Rembang was conducted on 22 August until 29 September 2016. This regard was expected to be able to improve environment quality around the PLTU (steam power plant) area and so could increase its green efforts and environment quality towards Green Power Plant. CARE HIMATETA of University of Brawijaya also expected to be able to have partnership with other institutions to continuously improving environment quality. Salam Konservasi, Go Action! [dse/Humas UB/trans. Denok]


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