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A Seminar of Brawijaya Writing
A Seminar of Brawijaya Writing
On Wednesday (17/12), Universitas Brawijaya Press (UB Press) held a seminar. The event cooperated with Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) UB. Located in 2nd floor of FEB’s Building, the event was opened by the Chairman of UB Press, Dr. Jazim Hamidi, S.H., M.H., accompanied by the Dean of FEB UB, Prof. Chandra Fajri.

In his speech, Jazim said that currently UB Press continues to improve itself in serving UB’s society. UB press improves continuous from the quality management system up to detailed technical matters.

One form of those improvements is to accommodate various writings by lecturers, staffs and students of UB. By publishing in electronic form, it is expected to facilitate the access of the author and the reader. UB press will continue to become closer to UB’s community to accommodate their creative ideas in written form. Because there are a lot of UB’s people have not been matched with the lot of writings.

On the same occasion, Chandra said that by writing, someone will have an additional value from others. Because writing reflects the creative ideas of a person. The conditions and dynamics in the environment can be used as an inspiration source for writing, and as a spirit of the rise of creative ideas. Furthermore, he invited students and lecturers to continue writing actively and express a lot of creative ideas in the written form. [ponda/translated by kevin-agung]

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