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Brawijaya University Student Executive Initiates Gerai Brawijaya for Water Conservation

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Brawijaya University Student Executive Initiates Gerai Brawijaya
Brawijaya University Student Executive Initiates Gerai Brawijaya
Currently, concerns of students who care about the environment, especially water quantity and quality decrease the more days. This declining water quality has many causes. One example is contamination of pollutants, both chemical and non-chemical. Different from the quantity of clean water which is decreasing due the amount of water that is useless and cannot flow into the river thus cannot be optimized as needed such as for households, food and so on.

With such background, Ministry of Environment Brawijaya University Student Executive organized an event named as Brawijaya Water Conservation Movement or Gerai Brawijaya. The movement uses water conservation principle namely preserve by storing as much excess water into the ground.

"In its implementation, Gerai Brawijaya is packaged in a series including seminar, movement and awarding. This is in line with the concept we bring such as educative that is providing conceptual - applicative insight. Applicative is implementing insight in form of movement in making water infiltration holes and biopores. The last is reward which is providing awards for all of entities who have helped the success of water conservation activities," said Umi Masrurin as Environment Public Relations Officer at Brawijaya University Student Executive.

Gerai Brawijaya is conducted since April until November by the movement implementation to eight faculties at Brawijaya University. The faculties are such as Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Culture Studies, Faculty of Administrative Science, Faculty of Computer Science, as well as Faculty of Economics and Business.

Umi added Gerai Brawijaya aims to reduce puddle and maximize runoff water and rainwater so it can seep into the ground thus it is able to increase soil water quantity and quality.

"Also to use compost product for the surrounding area. Moreover to invite and educate students on the importance of water and environmental sustainability," she pursued.

To make water infiltration holes, Umi added, has four steps, the first is location survey which is appropriate with criteria like no embedded pipes, near a flooded area, no trace of building debris. The second is drilling using tools such as crowbar, biopore drill, hoe. Drilling is carried out as far as the length of the pipe, around 60 cm. The third, the pipe used must be perforated on each side (on tube blankets) and pipe cap. The last, after drilling is carried out according to the provisions, the pipes are inserted and trimmed.

"From here we hope that Brawijaya University students have awareness to preserve water and the environment of its surroundings. In addition, we also hope that Brawijaya University campus becomes a role model in enhancement of green campus quality in Indonesia, especially in East Java," Umi advised. [Afwega/Humas UB/trans. Denok]



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