Brawijaya University Strengthen Its Collaboration with Charles Praha

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UB and CU delegates
UB and CU delegates
Brawijaya University delegates consisting the Head of International Affairs Office Prof. Ifar Subagiyo, Dean of Veterinary Faculty Prof. Aulanni'am, Dean of Faculty of Medicine Dr. Sri Andarini, Vice Director of Business Incubation Dr. Setyo Yudo Tyasmoro, and two Rector's expert staffs Dr. Faishal Aminuddin and Dr. Romy Hermawan had a visit to Czech Republic. The purpose of the visit is to strengthen academic collaboration with Charles University of pRague (CU).Since 2013 and 2015, some researchers from Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Science Brawijaya University have been establishing collaboration with Faculty of Pharmacy at CU. After had an internal evaluation, Brawijaya University see the potential of bigger collaboration thus it is necessary to be realized immediately.

If previously only limited to information exchange, then in the future research and teaching cooperation space will be open. In the event, Brawijaya University delegates were accepted by Vice Rector on Academic Affairs Prof. Radka Widova, Director of CU's Partnership Affairs, Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy Prof. Petr Solich and delegates from Faculty of Arts Dr. Tomas Petru at CU main building on Ovocny Th 3 Prague on Tuesday (4/Dec/2018).

In the familiar meeting, Prof. Wildova explained CU's profile and achievements. As commonly known, CU is the eldest university in the Central Europe which was established in 1348. Currently CU has 17 faculties located in Prague, Hradec Kralova and Pilsen.

CU is one of prestigious and partner key universities of League European Research University (LERU) at Central and East Europe. CU is also a founding member of 4EU Alliance namely an alliance of European University for prestigious collaboration in areas of teaching and research especially physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology.

The alliance possibly its members to have similar academic standards. The organization consisting Univeristy of Heidelberg Germany, University of Sorbonne France and University of Warsaw Poland. For Cu, as delivered by Radka Wildova, there is a need to build similar partnership network with South East Asian University.

Meanwhile for Brawijaya University, partnership with world reputed campus has priority agenda. Besides aims to boost productivity of quality research product that provides contribution towards the advancement of teaching system.

Ifar Subagyo explained the future of Brawijaya University international collaboration will be focused on some strategic research areas in a strong partnership with high profile educational institutions.

Although long term partnership process between universities should be initiated from collaboration between researchers, between faculties and after collaboration has run, the level of partnership between universities can be fixed. Consequences of the collaboration between universities is followed with some programs of different aspects of teaching, research, publication and so on. Dr. Faishal Aminuddin mentioned that Brawijaya University and CU identified at least three collaboration areas namely medical field with focused on poisons and drugs in cardiovascular, experimental surgery and biomedicine. In area of science will be focused on research of basic chemical ingredient while in social politics is a research on democracy and policy comparison.

Dr. Sri Andarini admitted to be ready with reliable young researchers for collaborative research that involves physicians of community doctors until pharmacy. Meanwhile Prof. Aulanni'am mentioned the collaboration will be carried out in development of chemical and organic materials for making hypertension drugs, in addition to research on animal diseases in tropical countries.

In social politics science, Dr. Tomas Petru who also a professor in South and East Asia Study delivered that enthusiasm study on Indonesia in Czech is still high thus closer cooperation is highly necessary within an academic exchange framework between universities. Prof Solich added that his party is ready to admit new doctorate program students who will be involved directly in collaborative research. A meeting between Brawijaya University and CU delegates also will produce two important things which are immediately carried out in the coming years. The first is existing collaboration enforcement between Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Science Brawijaya University with Faculty of Pharmacy at CU, and the future complicity of Veterinary Faculty and Faculty of Medicine.

Program of Doctorate student delegate will use Erasmus funding or LPDP while research funding will be a shared burden of both universities. However, if possible, will access funds from European Union and other institutions.

The second is joint program that become the initial one. Faculty of Social and Political Science will open a Master's Program on Politics and Policy Research of which students who accomplish their courses at Brawijaya University will have mentorship for three months at Faculty of Political Science CU. The program also followed by Faculty of Culture Studies and faculty of Administrative Science Brawijaya Univeristy in 3 in 1 Program that is inviting CU experts to be a visiting professor and teaching few courses credits at Brawijaya University. From Department of South Asia and Far East CU will delegate undergraduate students to have short courses at Brawijaya Univesity on culture and language. [Faishal/Humas UB/trans. Denok]




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