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Brawijaya University Rector Depart Participants of Karya Salemba Empat Foundation Community Camp

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Submit by vicky.nurw on February 12, 2018 | Comment(s) : 0 | View : 1378

Participants of Karya Salemba Empat Foundation Community Camp
Participants of Karya Salemba Empat Foundation Community Camp
Brawijaya University Rector Prof. Dr. Ir. Mohammad Bisri, MS on Monday departed 24 students who would have a camp. The 24 who are joined in KSE (Karya Salemba Empat) community Brawijaya University are grantees of the foundation. The departure was conducted in Rector's meeting room.

The Rector welcomed the camp program. "Enjoy the learning of such activities and get the knowledge. Later, you will know the process of its beginning until your success," he explained. He also argued that the event can cultivate attitudes of leadership and entrepreneur.

Choirunnasihin Imron as the Head of KSE UB Community explained some activities during the camp. "We will have such activities as BISMA Indofood Leadership Camp and Give2Asia conducted in Military Academy Magelang (06-12/Feb/2018); BPJS Ketenagakerjaan Camp Ambassador in Bentani Hotel Cirebon (20-28/Feb/2018), PGN Leadership Camp in Lorin Hotel Solo (9-10/02/2018) and PGN Innovation Camp (Technology for Indonesia) (10-15/02/2018) for leadership training," he explained.

In addition, according to Imron, there are also Entrepreneur Academy activities (10 - 13/Feb/2018) in Solo and Cirebon, namely a training on entrepreneurship for students who will start business. The event is especially aimed for students who already had a business which later will be competed. "Hopefully, we all can build character of scholarship grantees who are having spirit of loving the homeland, having entrepreneurial spirit, having innovation spirit as well as advancing Indonesia in the future," Choirunnasihin Imron ended.

Karya Salemba Empat is a foundation that committed to help education of kids of the nation via scholarships. Until current, more than 30 campus have taken benefits from the scholarship, one of them is Brawijaya University. [Dinda/Vicky/Humas UB/trans. Denok]



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