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Brawijaya University Initiates Cooperation Between Malang mayor and Hebron Mayor of Palestine

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Mr. Tasyir M.M. Taha signs MoU at Malang City Hall
Mr. Tasyir M.M. Taha signs MoU at Malang City Hall
Malang Mayor Drs. H. Sutiaji and Hebron Mayor Mr. Taysir M.M. Taha signed a cooperation agreement at Malang City Hall on Monday (7/Jan/2019). The MoU signing was witnessed by Palestinian Ambassador to Indonesia Zuhair al Shun, as well as Vicve Rector on Planning and Cooperation Affairs of Brawijaya University Dr. Ir. Moch. Sasmito Djati, MS along with his board.

Sutiaji delivered, from the visit, it was hoped there would be something from Malang City which can be transmitted to Palestine. So does with Malang City can take something from Palestine to be juxtaposed to this city.

"First of all from educational aspect, as we know the Palestinians have a high sense of struggle against the dignity of the nation. This is exemplary for character building of the nation so that it can strengthen ethos of our nation's education," said Sutiadji.

In addition, Indonesia has natural resources that can be utilized for tourism which will be continuously built to be marketed to the Palestinians. Also health and information technology problems which will be juxtaposed together.

"Because we have entered industrial era 4.0 who like it or not we must follow, but on the other side we must also have character foundation of the nation which has strong dignity. Therefore we need to imitate the Palestinians' fighting spirit," he said.

Meanwhile, Hebron Mayor delivered, his visit to Malang was to find agreement in overcoming problems in Palestine. "Palestinian problems are our shared problems. Among Muslims are sturdy buildings that can be separated. We hope for the help of all Muslims throughout the world," he said.

He also delivered, from economical aspects, Hebron itself is an old city and is proposing to UNESCO as a world heritage city. "In Hebron, there is Ibrahim's, his wife and family's tomb. We hope with the international recognition will make Palestine stronger. It is an attraction for all people of the world to visit the city, so that you can find out the world and Islamic heritage itself," he explained.

Same as the Hebron Mayor, Palestinian Ambassador to Indonesia Zuhair Al Shun delivered his gratitude to Malang mayor and all Indonesians who have truly given their whole heart to Palestine and pay attention to problems that exist in Palestine.

"Palestine highly needs Indonesia assistance to support the steps taken for reclaiming its independence. Hopefully Allah will continue to protect us and give blessings on each relations and cooperation between Indonesia and Pastine," he affirmed.

In the end of the event, Vice Rector on Planning and Cooperation Affairs Brawijaya University Dr. Ir. Moch. Sasmito Djati, MS said that several times ago Brawijaya University visited Hebron to initiate educational partnersip namely providing scholarships for Palestinians.

"However, Hebron mayor wants cooperation with Indonesia is not only related with scholarship. Therefore, we connect to Malang mayor. For the current, Brawijaya University and Malang Mayor work together to help each other for cooperation in the field of education. Currently we got a deal between Rector and Palestinian Embassy that every year we will admit 5 people for undergraduate and another 5 persons for postgraduate program," he ended. [Irene/Humas UB/trans. Denok]









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