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Brawijaya University Achievements Towards Asian Competitiveness

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the Senate Open Meeting to celebrate the 54th Brawijaya University anniversary
the Senate Open Meeting to celebrate the 54th Brawijaya University anniversary
In realizing its vision to become excellent university with international standard and able to actively roles in national development through education, research and community services, Brawijaya University launched four stages of its vision accomplishment. Namely institutional transition and strengthening the competitiveness of national level, accomplishment of ASEAN competitiveness, Asian competitiveness accomplishment and also global competitiveness accomplishment. Recently UB has entered the third level towards Asian competitiveness. This regard mentioned bu Brawijaya University Rector Prof. Dr. Ir. Mohammad Bisri, MS when delivered the 2016 Rector Performance report in the Senate Open Meeting to celebrate the 54th Brawijaya University anniversary, Thursday (5/Jan/2016). The event centralized at Samantha Krida building.

In order to see the extent to which the vision has reached until 2016, an indicator is Brawijaya University performance contract with Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education and with Minister of Finance. Delivered by the Rector, the result of Rector's performance achievement with both Ministries based on data of internal Quality audit result batch 15 conducted by Quality Assurance Centre were: the first, out of 20 performance indicators which already agreed with Minister of research, Technology and Higher Education, around 18 have been accomplished, thus averagely Rector's performance achievement were 95%. Two performance indicators which not yet to be fulfilled are graduates percentage who immediately work due to tracer study which is not maximal yet, and also numbers of certified lecturers since the lack of lecturer certification quote from the central government.

The second, out of 10 agreements with Minister of Finance, around seven ones have been fulfilled, thus averagely UB's Rector performance achievements in 2016 was around 93%. Two performance indicators which not yet to be fulfilled in line with performance agreement were including (1) Number of the first champion in national level competition did not fulfill target. (2) The average graduates; waiting time until they get jobs in 2016, since graduates in majority prefer to choose as a job seeker rather than a job creator. (3) numbers of national publication of lecturers in 2016 since they tend to have publishing in international journal than national ones.

"One of highly excited gains in order to achieve Asian level competition is 14 study programs which already accredited in ASEAN and Asian level, even globally," he said. The 14 study programs were including Bachelor Program of Food Science and Technology (The Institute of Food Technologists), Master Program of Accounting at faculty of Economics and Business, Master program of Management at Faculty of Economics and Business, Master Program of Economics (ABEST21), Business Administration Department at Faculty of Administrative Sciences (AASBI), Bachelor Program of Biology at Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Master Program of Economics at Faculty of Economics and Business, Bachelor Program of Agriculture engineering, Bachelor Program of Agro-Industrial Technology at Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Master program of Bio-medic, Bachelor Program of Public Administration at Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Bachelor Program of Animal Husbandry at Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Bachelor Program of Law, Master program of Water Resources Engineering at Faculty of Engineering (AUN-QA).

In addition, performance indicators in order to achieve Asian level competitiveness are such as certification, accreditation and international rankings. For instance, UB achieved certification in ISO 9001 version of International Management since 2011, Central Laboratory of Life Sciences achieved international accreditation in ISO 17075 version of testing laboratory, Brawijaya University rankings in QS World University rankings version up by 65 points from position of 826 in 2015 became 761 in 2016, meanwhile in Webometrics version, Brawijaya University position was up by 186 points became 1,333 globally after in 2016 occupied in position 1,519, meanwhile in UI Greenmetrics version, UB up by 105 points in position 119th globally after a year before in position 224th, and also up by four points from position 11th became seventh in Indonesia. Library

"In 2016, an appreciation should be given to Brawijaya University library which have obtain A ratings accreditation of national library. It also becomes the only library in Indonesia which recorded as a member of The International Association of University Librariesn(IATUL) since 2016. An appreciation should also be given as been operated RSHP (Rumah Sakit Hewan Pendidikan/Educational Animal Hospital in Campus II UB Dieng and been operated Brawijaya University Hospital on Jl. Sukarno Hatta. In addition, Brawijaya University pride is increasingly growing in studentship area, that returned to achieve the fifth times as grand champion in the 29th PIMNAS (Pekan Ilmiah Mahasiswa Nasional/National Student's Scientific Week)," said Rector.

In the end of his remarks, The Rector delivered that still many things should be improved in the future to improve Brawijaya University performance achievement towards Asian competitiveness level. Therefore, Brawijaya University will continuously and consistently arrange priority programs such as improving graduate's tracer study, having coordination with the central government to increase quote of lecturer certification, Brawijaya University Grant program for research group and improving lecturer competence, book writing grant, improving numbers of lecturers with doctoral degree, decreasing numbers of admission for bachelor program fresher gradually and increasing numbers of admission for post graduate fresher, and also laboratory modernization.

Celebration of 54th anniversary is quietly special since attended by coordinator Minister on Economy Darmin Nasution, Minister of Public Work and Communities Housing Mochamad Basoeki Hadimoeljono, Minister of Communication and Informatics Rudiantara, Republic of Indonesia Presidential Spoke person Johan Budi Sapto Prabowo, and alsoon Governor of East Java Dr. H. Soekarwo. Meanwhile scientific oration was delivered by Coordinator Minister on Economy titled" Digital Economy to Support Entrepreneurship" and also a lecturer at Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Anang Sujoko, S.Sos., M.Si., D.COMM titled "E-Communication: Encouraging International Visionary Entrepreneurs with Local Strategy and Value and the Occurence of Communication Disaster". [Irene/Humas UB/trans. Denok]




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