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The Incumbent Candidate Wins in FISIP

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Prof. Dr. Ir. Darsono Wisadirana, MS. exeeds completely over two other candidates in the process of dean selection of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Universitas Brawijaya (FISIP UB) for 2012 to 2016. A Professor of Faculty of Animal Husbandry who had been appointed as the Dean of FISIP since 2008  exeeded with 94.7 percent or 37 of 40 valid votes. Meanwhile, Dr. Ir. Happy Nursyam, MS., got two votes and Ir. Dwi Utami, MS., M.Appl.Sc., Ph.D., with zero votes.

This calculation is directly witnessed by the ranks of lecturers and staffs, student representatives (The Chairman of BEM) and the press of faculty (Perspetif). Meanwhile, the third dean’s candidates appeared not to present in the counting of votes which was taken place at FISIP F.7.2 room.

The committee’s chairman, Prof. Dr. Ir. Sanggar Kanto, MS., said that the process of voting took place from 09.00 am - 12.00 pm. The committee set the 57 voters were from the representative of lecturers (37 people), staffs (5 people), and students (15 people).

"The determining of votes has also been regulated in Senate Decree No. 01/UN10.11/SK/2012," said a statistics professor of FISIP.

But from 50 votes, 40 of them voted and 17 people could not give their votes. According to him, this was due to several factors such as distance or absence without confirmation.

"The absence of votes do not become an legitimacy obstacle of selection process because the process of determining completely at the Faculty’s Senate and University’s Senate," added the man who was born on 19 April 1948 in Lamongan.

Sanggar continued, the selection results of prospective candidates would be submitted to the Faculty’s Senate on Friday (20/1). The whole prospective deans would be discussed in Faculty’s Senate based on the votes result. Furthermore, after obtaining the 2/3 votes of Faculty’s Senates, two of the three candidates would be the chosen candidates to be determined in University’s Senate.

"Based on plan, after having a decision in Faculty’s Senate tomorrow, it will be submitted to the University’s Senate on that noon," said Sanggar. FISIP’s Senate consists of 17 people taken from Deans, the Heads and Vices of Departments or Prodi, as well as Professors in FISIP.

Based on the Rector's Decree No. 094/SK/2008 of 15th April 2008, the term of office for FISIP’s Dean will expire in April 2012. If the University’s Senate has determined a name for FISIP’s Dean of future period, Sanggar cannot ensure the date of the inauguration.

"The process of inauguration depends on the Rector, the obligation of the committee is to determine the prospective dean before April," said a Professor who started his career as a young assistant in 1974.

Sanggar claimed, the electoral process and voting run smoothly so far. "The smoothness of this event because the committee has always adhered to the guidelines that have been decided upon the Senate," a closured from aProfessor of Sociology of Agriculture Development.

Darsono: There Must Be an Improvement
Responding to the dominant votes in the selection of dean of FISIP 2012-2016, Darsono Wisadirana keeps in a low profile. According to him, the dominant voices in the process of dean selection is yet not the end of everything. This Professors is grateful to be assumed able to steer FISIP.

If later, he is still believed to be the Dean of FISIP, a man who was born in Brebes promised to focus on improving service and bureaucracy of FISIP. These improvements include Excellent service, quality of lectures, as well as the means of supporting education. Since three years ago, the Dean actually has made a lecturer and staff training policy for Excellent service, but Darsono recognizes this service has not run optimally. "Excellent service will focus on the synergy lecturer and staff in serving the stakeholders based on friendliness," he said.

Darsono continued, facilities and infrastructure will also be finalized in order to support teaching and learning process more conducively. The second construction plan to build FISIP’s building will be scheduled at the beginning of this year and expected to be completed by late 2012. "After the process of constructing the second building of FISIP can be completed by 50 percent, it is hoped to be used in August," added the man who was born in 1956.

In addition, Darsono expects the support from all elements of FISIP; from students, lecturers, and staffs "It needs input and support programs that will be launched for the upcoming FISIP progress," he hoped.

Meanwhile, responding to the possibility of re-election of incumbent candidate (Prof. Darsono), a variety of responses came from students. According to Citra Nidya, the elected dean will have to pay attention to the interests of policy-oriented students. A student from communication science 2008 also hopes a more transparent of Dean’s policy. (aw/shs/ai)

Translated by: A. Wicaksono

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