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Animal Husbandry Lecturer Fostering Farmer Groups in Kediri

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Animal Husbandry fostering farmers in Kediri
Animal Husbandry fostering farmers in Kediri
Milk is a food ingredient which is quickly damaged or mentioned as perishable food and potentially dangerous if it is not handled properly. In community farming, commonly not paying attention to good and correct production methods thus the milk produced has low quality and quickly damaged.

Milk quality affects the selling price of milk so quality assurance is necessary by making changes in dairy farming management. Namely applying Good Dairy Farming Practice (GDFP) and Milking Hygiene which is a standardization in dairy farming business to produce milk and milk product which is safe, healthy, undamaged and halal (ASUH: Aman, Sehatm Utuh dan Halal).

Depart from such background, lecturers at Faculty of Animal Husbandry Brawijaya University Dr. drh. Masdiana C. Padaga and Dr. Manik Eirry Sawitri in a program so-called dedicated doctor, giving guidance to dairy farming group of UD Gading Mas and groups of mothers UKM Sukses Bersama Jaya.

Training and mentoring to farmers at GDFP program was in form of practical theory in farming and maintaining animal health, hygienic milking process, also maintaining healthy environment thus farming can produce quality milk that meets Indonesian National Standard (SNI/Standard Nasional Indonesia). In addition, they were taught on mastitis testing and blood testing for toxoplasma as well.

ASUH milk produced by Fapet dedicated program
ASUH milk produced by Fapet dedicated program
Dairy products
Dairy products
The next training was carried out for groups of SMEs mothers to process fresh milk to become stick and jelly by using bromelin enzyme from high nutritious and high fiber pineapple. Since, at Sumberejo and Deyeng Village, in addition to be a farmer, people have profession as pineapple farmer. Pineapple's weevil can be used as animal feed while its flesh of fruit can be a comestible with economic value.

Dr. Masdiana as the team leader said the dedicated doctor's purpose is the creation of independence from new farmers and entrepreneurs. She expected that after training farmers can produce milk with ASUH quality in accordance with quality standards issued by Milk Processing Industry. As well as creating dairy products independently by applying appropriate technology and packaging they have learned.

"Business plan trained for farmers can be used as initial provision to create small business group of dairy products. After the program is accomplished, hopefully there is a continuation of livestock business group and can become a farming industry centre at a later time," she said. [dta/Humas UB/trans. Denok]






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