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Ahmadun Shares Some Tips in Order to Impenetrate the Media

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Ahmadun Yosi Herfanda
Ahmadun Yosi Herfanda
The judges of Writing Poetry, Short Stories and Play on Inter Faculty Student Art Week (PEKSIMA) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) 2014 gave evaluations of the participants’ works lively at Puskom Room of Rectorate Building second floor in Creative Writing Workshop on Monday (23/4).

One of the Poetry judges, Yosi Ahmadun Herfanda highlighted one poem form the  participants entitled Brantas Hari Ini. According to Ahmadun, the works of 10 nominated participants are good and can be sent to the media. But, there are still some shortcomings in the participants’ works, for example, there is a matter of design and the outer structure of the poem which are still messy."Most of the participants have perceptions which are less unique and profound. In the case of writing poetry, it is to write abstract ideas become concrete," he said.

Ahmadun then told his struggle to be a writer with unyielding spirit to send his works to the media. "In the beginning I was desperate because my works that were sent continuously rejected by the media, even I moved my bow to be a painter. But when there was a work published by the media, that spirit re-emerged until finally I became a writer," explained the editor of Sastra Republikan.

Ahmadun then explained some tips so that works like poetry and short stories can be accepted by the media including them is the work that is submitted must be good. Therefore, it should be well prepared before being sent. The preparation that can be done are to diligently seek knowledge like following authorship workshop and actively participated in writing competitions to hone the writing ability.
"Second is to send work focusing on a single media. Pick one media as your Kiblah (concern) for writing. Sending consistently to one media will embed our name in the editor’s memory. But still it must be remembered that the works submitted must be qualified," he said.

The last tip is to always heed the best work to be sent to the media. Do not let a poor work be sent first.

The Winners

At each categori three works were selected as the winners. In poetry writing the first place was won by Arie Tria Angga Sari entitled "Brantas Hari Ini", the second was won by Zulkisam entitled "Tentang Kisahmu Air di kehidupan Kami", third place was won by Suci Fitrianti NA with the title "Tentang si Penunggu Mendung". For short story writing the first place was won by Nita Riyanti with the title “Belis”, the second was won by Aprilia Fatmawati entitled "Asap yang Muncul" and third place was won by Ahmad Abid An. N with the title "Bumi". While the fist winner for play is Pradana Abi Darma with the title "Ngalengka swasembada beras", the second was won by Fela Pramestika "Cerita reruntuhan gedung" and third place is Dwi Febrianto entitled "Emosi". [Rian/translated by Ratih/Agung]

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