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Agrivita's Special Issue with Japanese Forest Society

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Agrivita has collaboration with Japanese university
Agrivita has collaboration with Japanese university
Agrivita as Brawijaya University's iconic journal in international academic community is continuously developing strategies to raise the university to be more globally well-known. One that is being done by the redaction team such as preparing special-issue publication in 2017. Special issue which being initiated this year in collaboration with several researchers of Japanese Forest Society.

Prof. Dr. Ir. Kuswanto as Agrivita Journal Editor-in-Chief along with Redaction Team has appointed Hagus Tarno, Dr.Agr.Sc to realize planning on special issue publication by organizing a meeting along with technical team who are preparing several articles in Forestry Science. In 25 March 2017, precisely one day prior to annual event of the Japanese Forestry Society in 26-29 March 2017, Hagus Tarno had a meeting with researcher coordinator (Dr. Mitsuda) who will be contributed in 2017 Agrivita Special Issue.

Took place in Forest Ecology Laboratory Faculty of Agriculture University of Miyazaki, Dr. Mitsuda explained that several authors from Forestry Research Centre in Tsukuba will fill in the Special Issue at Agrivita. In addition, the results of discussion with Dr. Mitsuda, will be prepared ten articles in related with forestry topic. Of the ten articles, three of them will be prepared by Agrivita by accommodating Brawijaya University's authors. The article preparation process will be initiated from April and being estimated by Dr.Mitsuda will be accomplished in August 2017. The Special Issue will provide many benefits for Q-rank and impact factor improvement at Scimago JR. [HTN/waw/Humas UB/trans. Denok]



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