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Agricultural Technology Lecturer Guides Oyster Mushroom SMEs in Jember for Technology Transfer

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Agricultural Technology lecturer Mas’ud Effendi, MP along with mushroom farmers
Agricultural Technology lecturer Mas’ud Effendi, MP along with mushroom farmers
Oyster mushrooms are nutritious food ingredients with high contents of protein, rich of vitamin and mineral, low carbohydrate, fat and calories. Processed oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus) has a taste similar to chicken meat because it's fibrous and savory. In Watukebo Village-Jember, there are several groups of nursery and fodd processing in oyster mushroom such as SMEs "Zahra" Mushroom House and Healthy Mushroom Nugget.

SMEs "Zahra" Mushroom House is an integrated mushroom business unit in oyster mushroom nursery up to production of crisp mushroom and mushroom nugget. While SMEs Healthy Nugget is a mushroom nugget producer (original mushroom, mixed chicken and vegetable) which turned out to be popular with the public. The existence of integrated SMEs oyster mushroom is proven has improve communities' welfare and income at Watukebo - Andongsari Village Jember significantly.

Potential presence of mushroom SMEs for improvement of communities welfare and income at Watukebo-Andongsari Village has been behind the agricultural technology lecturer of Brawijaya University Mas'ud Effendi, STP., MP who was moved to do activities to improve Oyster Mushroom SMEs performance.

The effort was made to support community empowerment in forest area of Meru Betiri National Park. Problem solution confronted by integrated Oyster Mushrrom SMEs is appropriate technology of production equipment facilities which can improve economic value for communities of Andongsari Vilagers especially SMEs of Zahra Mushroom House and Healthy Nugget Mushroom.

The event is strengthened by joint team assistance along with field assistant from Meru Betiri National Park as the forest area supervisor as well as Research and Community Services Institutes.

Through this community partnership program, Mas'ud Effendi was successful to invite Mushroom SMEs in technology transfer in production process of oyster mushroom and its processing products through the use of laminar, spinner inverter and freezer. While technology transfer enabling increased productivity of integrated oyster mushroom SMEs in Jember via efficiency of labor, time and cost.

Technology transfer also improves production capacity of mushroom nursery and mushroom nugget in doubled with better quality and lower production cost. Mas'ud Effendi expected the event is able to improve production process efficiency and effectivity both of oyster mushroom nursery and processed product with improvement of production system via appropriate technology. [dse/Humas UB/trans. Denok]






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