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Agricultural Students' Work Grabs Double Awards in Korea and Taiwan

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Lefi Unsiyyati (Agribinis 2016,FP) dan Alfi Inayati (Agribinis 2016,FP) serta Satu mahasiswa FKUB, Maulida Mardhatillah
Lefi Unsiyyati (Agribinis 2016,FP) dan Alfi Inayati (Agribinis 2016,FP) serta Satu mahasiswa FKUB, Maulida Mardhatillah
Two agricultural students of Brawijaya University, Lefi Unsiyyati (Agribusiness/2016) and Alfi Inayati (Agribusiness/2016) as well as a Medical student, Maulida Mardhatillah who are joined in a PKM-KC (Students' Creativity Program of Copyrighted Works) team obtained global achievement in a competition so-called Korean International Women's Invention Exposition (KIWIE) 2018 in South Korea for a week (28/Jun-03/Jul/2018).

In the competition they obtained Gold Prize by presented innovation of Portable Purifier Used Cooking Oil Treatment (OREO-it) namely a treatment for re-use cooking oil. OREO-it is used to improve the quality of re-use cooking oil to be healthier with lower fatty acid level and peroxide number.

The device is functioned to filter used cooking oil to be healthier, OREO-it has three filters and is equipped with automation system that works continually to move the filtering process between one filter to another on the valve with the help of time sensors.

OREO-it is functioned to decline peroxide number and free fatty acids in used cooking oil, besides the device also need moringa seeds and kapok banana peels as cleansing adsorbent.

"KIWIE is an innovation competition that consisted of more than 30 countries worldwide. The competition is very tight in fighting for medals. In addition, the jury is also very critical," said Head of the team Lefi Unsiyyati.

KIWIE is an international competition for researcher, lecturer, and student. The event presents research into real form as well as offering products. Not only limited into competition, KIWIE also presented academy IP Wave for Creative Women Leaders as international conference on patents from various world to facilitate innovators.

In addition to obtain gold prize, the team also obtained Special Award for Excellent Invention in Taiwan. OREO-it also qualified for PKM Ristekdikti 2018 funding. [zma/Humas UB/trans. Denok]





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