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Accreditation Visiting of Food Science Doctoral Program FAT UB

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Visitasi Akreditas Prodi S3 Ilmu Pangan
Visitasi Akreditas Prodi S3 Ilmu Pangan
Asessor team of National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN PT) visited Food Science Doctoral  Program of Agricultural Product Technology Department (THP) Faculty of Agricultural Technology (FAT) Universitas Brawijaya on Monday (8/4/2019).

This site visit was held after  IIIA and IIIB's document proff reading assesment. The assessor team were including Prof. Dr. Lilis Nuaraida (Institut Pertanian Bogor) and Prof.Dr.Ir. Sri Raharji, M.Sc (Universitas Gadjah Mada) was welcomed by FAT Dean Dr.Ir.Imam Santoso, MP.,along with all Vice Deans, and Food Science Doctoral Program FAT Task Force Team in the meeting room 8th floor.

This visitation agenda were  proofing physical evidences of accreditation form and education process support provision that available,  meeting with students, lecturers and supporting staff. Besides that, the assessor team also reviewed facilities such as classroom, laboratories,library and other educational supporting facilities.

The head of Agricultural Product Technology Department, Prof.Dr.Teti Estiasih, STP.,MP., said,"Food Science Doctoral Program is currently new, so we have no alumni yet. Whereas one of the assessment aspect is alumni performance in the third standard. THerefore, it will be a little difficult for new deparments to get. We hope our department will get at least B. We optimistic to get good score. If we get at least B, we will get students easier later,"said Prof Teti.

She also said Food Science Doctoral Program's advantages such as its Research and development that reffered to local food.

Indonesian local food that base on natural resources has huge potency to be improved from allfood science aspect such as chemical, biochemistry, Processing and engineering , microbiology and nutrients .

Another advantages of Food Science Doctoral Program FAT  is also based on the curriculum aspect, which is flexible with more elective courses than compulsory subjects. 

"This will certainly provide flexibility for students to take their course based on their needs for scientific research and development," she explained. (dse/Humas UB)

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