Acala Rancang, Introducing the Design Profession to the Society

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Interior design by vocational students
Interior design by vocational students
Interior Design students at Vocational Program of Brawijaya University organized a design exhibition entitled Acala rancang. The event that organized at first floor of Malang City Point aimed at introducing more about product design profession to wider community. The event was conducted for two days on Saturday and Sunday (26-27/May/2018).

Rahmad Ramadhan Alkhafid as the Head of Committee mentioned that currently Acala Rancang took the theme of Early Journey. "The theme that we get is description of our journey as interior design students. Besides, we also want to introduce the Interior Design existing and characteristic to Brawijaya University students, actors of creative industry and wide society," said 2016 interior Design student.

The product design exhibition is a work of Interior Design students from initial until final semester. Various works are exhibited starts from spatial mock-up, antique chairs until multipurpose table.

Rahmad added that the event attracts publics and students who visited Malang City Point. It is seen from visitors who come and see the exhibition is quite a lot.

"Their enthusiasm is quite high, because our targets are married people moreover in weekend like this, the visitors are quite high, many of them are asking price too," he added.

In addition to exhibit interesting interior products, in the event also organized a talk show with a theme "Career with Interior Design, and exploration of rattan and wood materials which was presented by Waluyohadi as a lecturer at Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology and designer of rattan specialist product. [afwega/Vicky/Humas UB/trans. Denok]



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