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ALTERKARA: Contribute Gold Medal for UB, and Innovation For Breast Cancer Therapy

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Muhammad Dheri Maulana Akbar grabs gold medal in MTQMN XV
Muhammad Dheri Maulana Akbar grabs gold medal in MTQMN XV
Happiness and proud radiating from the face of Muhammad Dheri Maulana Akbar, a student of Electrical Department class of '14. Dheri with his team innovation, ALTERKARA, successfully donated the gold medal and placed UB as the 2nd overall champion of National Musabaqah Tilawatil Qur'an Competition (MTQMN) 2017.

ALTERKARA is the popular name of Breast Cancer Therapy Equipment Based on Nano Water Vapor System from Ciplukan Extract (Physalis Minima Linn) With Quran recitation Method Surat Al Hasyr Verses 21-24. In the development, he worked together with Hanna Shobrina Iqomatul Haq from the Department of Biotechnology.

"We are optimistic to win this, but we got a little pessimistic as well because we have to give the presentation on the first day worrying that judges expecting better participants the next day," he said.

The most memorable thing according to Dheri is when the 3rd and a 2nd winner is announced his team is not yet mentioned. It turns out that this number 12 participant was announced as the 1st winner, defeated the other 150 colleges. In the final of Quran Scientific Writing (KTIQ) there are 50 teams who passed the presentation stage and immediately taken the best 6. Winner of 1st Winner awarded umroh and 9jt rupiah cash.

The supervisor of the team, Ir. Nurusa'adah, MT, is hoping that ALTERKARA can be a real contribution to Indonesia and a healthier world. ALTERKARA is indeed an alternative means in the treatment of breast cancer through ultraviolet laser sensors that fired a Physalis peruviana extract that has been heated to the center of breast cancer. Physalis peruviana has been clinically recognized effective for breast cancer growth. What made it special is that this tool is using Quran Recitation of Surat Al Hasyr Verses 21-24 for its therapeutic effect.

Dheri and team hope the patent can be translucent this month to be marketed and tested feasibility to LIPI and IDI. This becomes urgent because the team received a request from the Indonesian Breast Cancer Foundation, since the publication of ALTERKARA in mass media. (MDA/emis/mic)

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