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A Thai Student of "Darmasiswa RI" Program, FCS UB, Win The 1st Winner of Indonesian Speech Contest

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Habibuddeen Luebaeteh, known as Habib, a Thai student of "Darmasiswa RI" Program in Language Division, Humanities Science Lab, Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) won Indonesian National Speech Contest for Foreign Speakers. The competition, held on Saturday, November 11, 2017, was held in commemoration of Language and Arts Month 2017, and 53rd of Dies Natalis Universitas Negeri Surabaya (UNESA). Located at the Auditorium of Unesa Rectorate Building, Kampus Lidah Wetan, the National Speech contest was followed by 15 students from various countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, China, and Afghanistan. They are BIPA program students from various campuses in East Java.

The general theme of the event is "I Love Indonesia". The title taken by Habib is the same as the general theme. In his speech, Habib explained the reasons why he liked Indonesia. Habib mentioned three things he liked most about Indonesia: Indonesian people, delicious and cheap food, and the natural beauty of Indonesia.

According to Habib, Indonesian people live harmoniously in different ethnic and religious groups. Indonesians can live in harmony because Indonesians really respect the differences. "I am from Thailand, but here I do not feel like a stranger because my friends are very kind. They always greet and smile when they meet me, and they often help when I'm in trouble", said Habib.

Habib also said that Indonesian food is very tasty and cheap. "I often taste a variety of Indonesian foods such as meatballs, chicken soup, chicken curry, fried rice, duck rice, satay, tempe, and other types of Indonesian food. All the food are delicious on my tongue. In Thailand, the types of food and spices are different from they are in Indonesia. So do not be surprised if there are Thai people come to Indonesia and taste the food must be addicted and want to return to Indonesia. In addition to delicious, the price is very cheap," said Habib.

The third thing Habib likes about Indonesia is the natural beauty of Indonesia. According to Habib, there are many tourism objects in Indonesia, such as Mount Bromo, Ijen Crater, Kuta Beach Bali, and others. Habib revealed, "During two months in Indonesia, my friends and I visited some tourism objects such as Goa Cina Beach, Balekambang Beach, Rumah Warna-warni, BNS, Tiban Mosque, Coban Rais, and the famous Mount Bromo. It turned out that the sights I visited were really beautiful. Indonesia is a naturally rich country. I still visit tourist places that are in and around Malang City. My goal is that I am able to visit all tourism spots in Indonesia".


This is the first time for Habib to study Bahasa Indonesia. In Thailand, Habib uses a dialect that resembles the Malay language. Therefore, there are some words similar to Bahasa Indonesia.

Habib admitted that he got the information about this competition from one of the lecturers of "Darmasiswa RI" program at FCS-UB. By practicing in one month, he participated in the contest. "I intend to learn Indonesian and train my courage to perform in front of the crowd. Because this speech is the first experience for me," said Habib.

Habib also expressed his feelings to be the champion of this competition, "I feel happy and charmed to be the first champion of Indonesian National Speech contest for Foreign Speakers. This champion is an important gift for me to be more spiritful in learning Indonesian. If there are other speech competitions or contests, I will join."

Habib also told that he knew the "Darmasiswa RI" program from his campus in Thailand. There were about 300 students registered for "Darmasiswa RI" programs in Thailand, but only about 30 students were accepted. Habib also said the reason why he was interested to learn Bahasa Indonesia. "Usually in my house, (in South) Thailand, I use another dialect. Actually, I also study Computer education. But when I return to Thailand later, I will study Religious education using Bahasa (Indonesia). By doing so, I can improve my language. And to add experiences abroad. This is my first experience studying abroad," Habib narrated.

There were also messages and impression that he conveyed to the friends of BIPA who also learn the language and culture of Indonesia, "After we learn BIPA through this program, we will take and deliver the knowledge to people in our own countries," said Habib, that will carry out graduation ceremony in Thailand next year after the "Darmasiswa RI" program is completed. [DT/MSH/PSIK FIB]




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