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A Student of FCS UB as the Indonesian Representative in Cultural Exchange Program, Japan

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Visit historical places in Japan Zenkouji Temple
Visit historical places in Japan Zenkouji Temple

Becoming an Indonesian delegation of an International event provides an unforgettable experience for Stevano Yosua, a student of English Literature Study Program, Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB). Incorporated in JENESYS Indonesia team batch 25, he introduced the Indonesian culture in Japan.

The JENESYS Program (Japan East-Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youth) is a scholarship program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan coordinated by Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE) entitled Indonesian-Japan Language Communication and Culture Exchange. This Program involved ASEAN countries and East Timor. This program aims to strengthen Japan's relation with ASEAN countries through people to people contact.

Through the selection process that was held in the middle of January 2019 by the State Minister for Youth and Sports Affairs, 22 people were chosen from all universities in Indonesia. They were departed to Japan in March 2019.

"Coming to Japan is one of my dreams since long time ago, especially after I accompany students from Hiroshima who run the Student Exchange Program in UB," said Vano.

The entire cost of transportation and accommodation from Jakarta to Japan has paid fully by JICE. So, each delegate only set up their personal allowance during the program. A pre-departure training was held by The State Minister for Youth and Sports. Here, each delegate was given an overview related to the programs.

During eight days of visit in Japan, the delegates were elected to join various activities such as seminars, workshop and cultural exchange. In addition, the participants also conducted an official visit to governmental institutions and historical places in Tokyo and Nagano Prefecture. The participants also had the opportunity to feel the living atmosphere in Japan with local communities through homestay program.

Stevano Yosua with Other Delegates
Stevano Yosua with Other Delegates

Vano revealed that many valuable lessons were gained during the activities. He was very interested while attending a seminar entitled Japanese Modernization and Its Culture.

 "In this seminar we learned that Japan is an advanced country. Through a historical perspective, strategy and culture, the seminar opened my insight that every country has an equal chance to become an advanced country depends on the actors."

In addition, Vano has learned how each element of Japan communities supports each other to enhance the advancement in technology, social and culture. So, all of them are able to go hand in hand.

In the last session, each state representative was asked to do a presentation about anything that has been obtained during the JENESYS Program. Moreover, they were asked to present a social project and action plan that would be executed after returning to the origin countries. This presentation was done in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan, the Ambassador of ASEAN and the top managements of JICE.

"It was a very valuable experience to represent Indonesia in the cultural exchange. Furthermore, I am a student from Cultural Studies. So there is a pride to represent my own Faculty," he added.

In the last interview, Vano revealed never to feel embarrassed as a student of cultural studies, "We are the power of Indonesia in the field of culture. I learned a lot through this JENESYS Program. It also gives a sense of optimism for me and others. I believe that Indonesia has a great hope to be a strong country in the future". (DT/MSH/PSIK FIB) 



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