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60 Students of Nurul Fikri Elementary School Visit Rumpin UB

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Student of SDIT Nurul Fikri Tasting Electroshock Milk
Student of SDIT Nurul Fikri Tasting Electroshock Milk

About 60 students of Applied Islamic Elementary School (SDIT) Nurul Fikri Sidoarjo visit rumah pintar (smart house) Universitas Brawijaya, Monday (14/1).

On the visit to Rumpin UB, they are introduced to the technology of electroshock milk invented by student of Faculty of Agricultural Technology (FTP), Hadi Apriliawan.

"Who doesn't like milk? Everyone likes milk. But milks sold on shops usually use preservatives, although on normal amount and safe to be consumed. Yet, through the technology of pasteurization of Electroshock Milk (Susu Listrik/Sulis), it can kill deadly bacteria and it can stay good up to two months without preservative," Hadi said.

From his explanation, a number of students of SDIT Nurul Fikri Sidoarjo then asked questions. They also asked whether the Sulis milk can be bought in Sidoarjo to the price of electroshock machine.

Hadi said that the small electroshock machine cost about Rp 10 million.

Hadi's answer made students of SD IT Nurul Fikri spontaneously say "wooowwwww".

In the end of his explanation, Hadi advised that to be successful, don't lose hope, although failure often haunts.

"Thomas Alfa Edison failed 999 times to be successful inventing the light bulb used today for lighting," Hadi said.

Aside from the explanation on the technology of milk pasteurization, students of SD IT Nurul Fikri is also taught to make mushroom ice cream that is rich on fibre and low on fat.

Arif Sudarsono, inventor of mushroom ice cream explained that the idea initially comes from trial of using mushroom as a material of ice cream. Prior to finding the perfect recipe as it is, he has done eight times of experiment.

Graduate of Nutrition Department FK UB also explained that to make mushroom ice cream, various kinds of milk can be used.

"It may use soy milk, or powder milk. If it uses powder milk, the milk has to be liquidated first," Arief said.

After the explanation about the making of mushroom ice cream and electroshock technology, the students are then taken to a walk around Universitas Brawijaya campus.

The visit is the second time held by SDIT Nurul Fikri. Not only looking and getting to know the campus, the visit is also aimed to introduce the production process. [Oky/translated by yasmeen]


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