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5 Meeting Point Principles of Feminist and Masculine Ideology

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Faridatus Sholihah at international conference on Islam Nusantara
Faridatus Sholihah at international conference on Islam Nusantara
Faridatus Sholihah, a Master Program student at Women's studies of Brawijaya University Postgraduate Program, had a chance to be a speaker at an international conference, on Thursday (28-29/Apr/2018). The event was held by Islamic University of Malang (UNISMA).

By raised a title "Islam Nusantara: Melting the Feminist Sisterhood and Masculinity Belief into national Integrity". Faridatus delivered that Islam Nusantara comes with five basic principles to synergize a meeting point between feminist and masculine ideology. "There are five basic principles, such as no discrimination, respect human rights, Rohmatan lil Alamin, taking care of local cultural wisdom, and do Pancasila regularly," he said.

All human beings, Faridatus added, should be aware of that the key of national integrity is mutual understanding and mutual respect. The two things, she added, are the main foundation of the Five Islam Nusantara principles. "Islam Nusantara is asset of the state value that should be developed as the unifying instrument of the nation, especially in areas of gender ideology diversity," she explained.

This conference is UNISMA's efforts in quality improvement of scientific publication particularly in areas religious studies by taking the theme of Islam Nusantara, National Integrity and World Peace. In a title of Islam Nusantara: Synergizing Feminist Sisterhood and masculine Ideology towards National Unity, the conference invited Indonesian and overseas speakers, such as Prof. Dr. Azyumardi Azra, CBE. (Islamic State University of Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta); Prof. Dr. KH. Tolhah Hasan (UNISMA); Dr. Adam Bin H. Jait (Brunei Darussalam); Prof. Dr. KH. Said Agil Siradj, M.A (PBNU Chairman); Dr. H. Abdullah Sagran (Timor Leste); Mrs. Ursula, Mc.Lackland (Secretary General of Universal Peace Federation Asia).

The conference was attended by around 750 participants from the entire Rectors of Nahdlatul Ulama Universities throughout Indonesia and students of various state and private universities in Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam, and Timor Leste. Out of 750 participants, 40 among them were presenters who brought their research papers in a parallel presentation session. The conference aims at the acquisition of the increasing mature and deepening concept on Islam Nusantara, besides also mains at sharing experiences and knowledge on religious life concept and practice in Timor Leste and Brunei Darussalam. [pps ub/vicky/Humas UB/trans. Denok]











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