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Informasi Pelaksanaan SNMPTN 2015

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Pendaftaran Seleksi Nasional Masuk Perguruan Tinggi Negeri (SNMPTN) Tahun 2015 akan dibuka dalam beberapa hari lagi.

Dalam SNMPTN 2015 tahun ini setiap siswa pendaftar dapat memilih sebanyak-banyaknya dua PTN. Apabila memilih dua PTN, maka salah satu PTN harus berada di provinsi sama dengan SMA asalnya. Apabila memilih satu PTN, maka PTN yang dipilih dapat berada di provinsi manapun.

Selain itu, dalam SNMPTN 2015 kali ini siswa pendaftar dapat memilih sebanyak-banyaknya 3 (tiga) program studi dengan ketentuan satu PTN maksimal 2 (dua) program studi.

PJM UB Rilis Akreditasi Program Studi

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Pusat Jaminan Mutu Universitas Brawijaya merilis akreditasi program studi. Ketua PJM UB Ir. Achmad Wicaksono, M.Eng., Ph.D mengatakan bahwa saat ini UB mempunyai 139 prodi yang terdiri dari 51 prodi terakreditasi A, 55 prodi terakreditasi B, 5 prodi terakreditasi C, 28 prodi sedang dalam proses akreditasi.

Ditambahkan Achmad wicaksono bahwa 28 prodi sedang dalam proses akreditasi juga bisa dikatakan mendapatkan akreditasi C anugerah.

12 Candidates of Vice Rector 2015-2019 has been Selected

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12 chosen names out of 33 names of Vice Rector (Cawarek) of Universitas Brawijaya period 2014-2019 has been announced. Vice Rector II and Head of UB Vice Rector Appointment Committee period 2015-2019 announced the names of candidates who passed the first stage of selection. Announcement of the Vice Rector Candidate was held on Saturday (29/11) in Mango room UB Guest House.

Rector Chooses his Vice Rectors

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Process to select Vice Rectors is currently going on in UB. Friday (7/11) at 15.00 is the deadline of submission of willingness form in fourth floor of Rectorate Building, Meeting Hall 1. Such is as conveyed by Vice Rector II Warkum Sumitro SH, MH as the Head of Vice Rector Selection Committee.
According to Warkum, one of the requirements to apply is maximum age of 60 years at the end of the current Vice Rector (on January 31, 2015). Other requirements are active Civil Servant in UB, functional permanent lecture with minimum position of Lektor Kepala (Head Lecture), Permanent Lecturer with Doctoral (S3) Education.

Current Graduation Ceremony Dominated by Faculty of Engineering Graduates

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Universitas Brawijaya (UB) released 1050 new graduates to society in the graduation ceremony on Saturday (8/11) in Samantha Krida building. The Open Meeting of Senate for graduation of vocational, bachelor (undergraduate), master, doctor, profession, and specialists programs was led by the Rector Prof. Dr. Ir. Mohammad Bisri, MS.

To the graduates, Rector hopes that the title they received should be able to inspire change in their inner selves as independent, creative, and innovative individuals. As an agent of development, they are required to prepare themselves so that they can be well accepted and become beneficial for the society. Knowledge and the various life skills they have are expected to be able to support society in development and engage the people to face a better tomorrow through brilliant ideas to dig up the potentials and solve national problems.